The Australian SAS: the Untold History complete box-set (Director’s Cut)

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The Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut of The Australian SAS: the Untold History contains all the episodes broadcast on the History Channel together with additional historical material and interviews

Special discount to mark the SASR’s 60th anniversary in 2017

For the first time on DVD, the complete series of The Australian SAS: the Untold History is available here. Presented in a smart collector’s box-set, the series includes over eleven hours of episodes and many more hours of extra features. This box-set makes the perfect gift for anyone who is interested in the history and operations of Australia’s elite army regiment.

This is the only documentary history of Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment, revealing the secretive operations and unorthodox military culture that have made the regiment highly effective since it was raised in 1957.

In this box-set:

  1. Season 1 (2 discs)
    1. Heads & Hearts
    2. Arc of Instability
    3. Phantoms of the Jungle
    4. Fortress Australia

  2. Season 2 (2 discs)
    1. The Black & the Green
    2. The Search for Meaning
    3. The Postmodern Regiment

  3. Season 3 (2 discs)
    1. The Force of Choice
    2. The Strategic Soldier
    3. A War of Attrition
    4. Fighting the Asymmetric War

Bonus features include extra interviews and a photo gallery for each episode in seasons 1 and 2.

Click here to read the review of the series by J.H. Farrell in Australian & N.Z. Defender magazine.

Now available: special deal when you purchase the SAS box-set alongside a copy of Long Tan: The True Story.

Praise for The Australian SAS: the Untold History complete box-set (Director’s Cut)

The current Regiment members’ wives, parents and loved ones endure long periods of time separated. They may have an idea of what their men are up to but cannot share their fears or pride or say anything to their civilian friends. They must bear their burden in silence. This documentary will provide a source for those “other” members of Regiment to be able to say, “Watch this. This is what my Man does”.

Ian [ex-SAS Vietnam] and Sharon S, Western Australia

G’day Bruce
I just wanted to say congratulations and well done on the launch of your work. Your contribution is important, valuable and not to be understated. Your work has honoured all SAS soldiers and their families past and present. I served in SASR 1987–2011 and still continue to as a civilian and reservist so from my perspective and from someone who still works among SAS soldiers, thank you.

Captain Frank S, ex-SAS

Apart from its obvious quality, I found it accurate, realistic in description, but above all a work of historical and National importance to our country and community. … This DVD record could even be deemed a Strategic asset to ourselves as well as to our Allies.

A. L. Bacskai, Sergeant Major WO2 (Rtd) SAS Regiment

I received the DVDs yesterday. They are amazing in the rarity of the documentation inside and by all the research you have done to make them. Congratulations for your work. They will stand in a good place in my bibliothèque.


Seriously good stuff. Bloody well done

Signaller Barry (Muka) S, 152 Signals Squadron SAS, Borneo and Vietnam

Matt was absolutely gob-smacked by the Afghanistan section. He could not get over the great way you pulled it together and the facts about the massive amounts of AC130 gunship fire that were applied. He is not that easily impressed! Congratulations.


As an ex-soldier I was blown away by the quality of detail and the sheer professionalism in which you have captured the regiment in all its glory. As a young man in 1971 I attempted to get into the SAS, but after having seen the first series, I can see why I wasn’t selected. I just wouldn’t have made the grade, because the standards were so high. Congratulations.


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