The Australian SAS: the Untold History

This is the only documentary history of Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment, revealing the secretive operations and unorthodox military culture that have made the regiment one of the world’s leading tier one Special Force units.

Using rare archival footage, amateur film and interviews with SASR soldiers past and present, the documentary recalls exciting SASR battle and peace keeping exploits in such dangerous conflict zones as Borneo, Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Australian SAS: the Untold History is a rare achievement. It goes beyond the clichés and fast-paced action to present the real people, their values, and the creative flair that has won the SASR the high professional respect of the best Special Force units in the world. It is the only documentary that probes deep into Australian Special Forces operations in the 21st-century era of asymmetric warfare, drawing on expert comment and in-depth interviews with SASR officers and other ranks to analyse the creative culture behind this spectacularly successful Australian force of choice.

The Australian SAS: the Untold History is a documentary series of of over 400 minutes plus extra features, told in eleven episodes over three ‘seasons’. The complete box-set is available to purchase on the Forward Scout Films Store.

Click here to read the review of the series by J.H. Farrell in Australian & N.Z. Defender magazine.

Presentation of The Australian SAS: the Untold History to Lt Col. Frederick Prins by Clyde Sincere Jn DCM and Rick Estes, of the Special Operations Association.
In April 2016, Clyde Sincere Jn DCM (far left), Emeritus President of the US Special Operations Association, presented a copy of The Australian SAS: the Untold History to Lt Colonel Frederick Prins, Deputy Commander of the US 5th Special Forces Group (A), Kentucky. Also present was Rick Estes, President of the Special Operations Association [far right].

Praise for The Australian SAS: the Untold History

One of the reasons for the SASR's success is their ability to operate under the radar and get the job done in silence without fanfare, and this documentary takes nothing away from that. It shows the history of the SASR and the genuine characters who’ve been part of that largely unknown military history. It doesn't compromise the SASR, but shows it as a unit of professionals that all Australians can be proud to call their own.

Trooper Paul J, SAS member of Rwanda UN Peacekeepers

Professor Horsfield has produced an historical gem with this unique series about unique soldiers. ‘Phantoms of the Jungle’ brings back amazing experiences and unforgettable characters from a war that a generation tried to forget.

Signaller Bill G, National Serviceman, 152 Signals Squadron SAS, South Vietnam, 1970–71.

Thanks Bruce and well done. Your body of work is unprecedented so this is very exciting, can’t wait to see them.

Rafal P

I’m stunned. This masterpiece of SAS history will be of immense interest around the globe, especially in the USA where USSF, Rangers, ASMIC, Airborne, ASMUC, Force Recon, Green Beret and veterans groups will be delighted to get this simply outstanding video series. It knocked my socks off.


Seriously good stuff. Bloody well done

Trooper Alain Gaudet, ex-1st Airborne Commando Group Canada, ex-French SAS

I just wanted to write a quick email to say I watched the SASR documentary and thought it was fantastic. Probably the most in-depth and accurate SOF documentary I've ever seen. … Thanks again for making such a fantastic documentary about a subject I love.


I am purchasing the series as a Christmas gift for my partner who is in the Defence Force. We have heard wonderful reviews about it and know many other military guys who are very impressed with the series, plus Sir Peter Cosgrove’s endorsement of it speaks volumes.


This documentary is authentic. It captures the essence of military service—what Samuel Johnson called “the dignity of danger”, of real men telling real stories. It is also an excellent longitudinal study of individual innovation and organisational survival.

Ric, ex-SAS

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