This is the first documentary history of Australia’s Special Air Service, revealing the secretive operations and unorthodox military culture that make the regiment unique.

Where other Special Forces documentaries portray the superficial veneer of soldiers in fast paced action, The Australian SAS – the Untold History goes beyond the media clichés and Special Forces action stereotypes.  The series reveals the real people, the postmodern values and the creative, strategic flair in war and peace that have won the Australian Special Air Service Regiment – “SAS” – its place in the top Special Forces units in the world.

The Australian SAS – the Untold History is a rare achievement: it is the only documentary history ever supported by the elite, highly secretive Australian SAS, and the only documentary deep probe into 21st century Special Forces poststructuralist military genius. Using rare archival footagel, amateur film and interviews, the documentary recalls superb SAS battle exploits from Borneo, Vietnam ,Afghanistan and Iraq, and numerous peace winning missions around the globe. The action is told by past and serving SAS soldiers whose creativity and cunning in war and peace forged that unit history. Inspired SAS peace making skills in remote trouble spots are also key themes of this story.

The series explores how SAS was undervalued and misunderstood for decades by the Australian Army. We see how SAS, always comfortable in chaos, used divergent thinking to transform itself from a small fringe outfit into pride of place as Australia’s “force of first choice”.

The Australian SAS – The Untold History pinpoints what is “special” about Special Forces. The story penetrates the formidable SAS Selection course and examines how SAS soldiers think. The series analyses the creative, unorthodox military culture that makes the Australian SAS Regiment so spectacularly successful.

"A rare and unfettered insight into an organisation that has traditionally been out of bounds to the public. Essential viewing for anyone who truly wishes to understand the Australian SAS, its evolution and what makes it tick."
Major General Mike Hindmarsh AO, DSC, CSC, Former Commanding Officer SAS and Special Operations Commander Australia.



"The myth surrounding the SAS has been created by over-zealous journalists or egotistical authors. Thankfully, neither applies to this documentary. It provides unprecedented insights into the uniquely demanding lifestyle of SAS."
Trooper John Delgado, ex SAS Borneo and Vietnam



"I have been impressed with Professor Horsfield’s sympathetic treatment and understanding of the military system and personnel. His previous documentary on The Battle of Long Tan showed an honest even handed approach to the militaries of both sides of the conflict."
Lt Peter Ingram, 3 SAS Vietnam 1966-7



"The intangible value of this documentary is it captures the essence of military service, what Samuel Johnson called "the dignity of danger", with real men telling real stories."
Lt Col Ric Bosi (retd),, Ex-SAS